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Cool Birthday Gifts For Wine Lovers

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If you know someone who is really into wine, and they have a birthday coming up, then you know exactly the sort of gift to get them. And you don't have to make due with only getting a simple bottle of wine. There are plenty of gifts that are wine related, some even including bottles of wine, that are more interesting and exciting than a pedestrian bottle of wine from your local wine store. So, with that in mind, here are some ideas to consider.

A Book About Wine Regions

If your friend really loves wine, then they will love to read about the different wine regions. The world of wine is such an amazing and complex field that entire books have been written about it. You might get a book that focuses on a specific region (such as the Bordeaux region of France) or you could get a book that details the history of old growth wine vines. There are also great books that go into wine tasting. This can be a great gift for someone who wants to learn the skills of a sommelier; things such as how to differentiate the various flavors and aromas of the many varietals.

Stemless Wine Glasses

A really cool gift for wine lovers would be a beautiful set of stemless wine glasses. These are great because they don't tip over as easily as regular glasses, and of course they are really trendy and cool. These stemless glasses are perfect for people who like to drink wine outside at BBQs or other events where there might not be steady tables. The stemless wine glasses can be placed on picnic tables and other surfaces without the fear of them tipping over and spilling wine everywhere. And even though they are stemless, they still have a design that allows you to appreciate the aroma and flavor of the wine.

Wood Wine Crates To Create Your Own Personal

If you do want to get someone a few bottles of wine, then a super cool idea would be to create your own custom wine gift crate. You could buy a wooden wine crate and fill it with your own personally selected choice of bottles. This way, you could pick out a beautiful California  zinfandel, and pair it along side a beautiful Pinot Noir from Southern Italy. In addition to the bottles of wine, you could fill the crate with other gifts such as the wine book, or even gourmet cheeses. If you can't come up with ideas for filling your crate, you can also buy them from places like Wine Crate Craftworks