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Should I Try Sugar Alcohols?

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You may take good care of yourself and eat right, but one of your soft spots is coffee. You just need that caffeine fix. Sure, coffee is actually good for you. But you can't drink your coffee black because you are not able to handle the taste. The good news is that you can be healthy and also enjoy a cup of coffee with a sugar alcohol. 

Try Another Coffee Brand First

It is possible that you might actually like black coffee, but not like a particular brand black. To solve this problem, experiment with different brands of coffee until you find one that you are able to drink black. There are some coffees that are flavored and might actually be worsened by adding a sweetener.

Top Sugar Alcohols

Sugar alcohols contain fewer calories than regular sugar. These include:

  • Sorbitol
  • Xylitol
  • Erythritol

These sugar alcohols create a cooling sensation in the mouth, which has the added benefit of reducing your risk of cavities. For example, erythritol is a sugar that is found in fruit. It is ideal for diabetics because it does not lead to a spike in blood sugar levels. The only downside is that the over-consumption of erythritol can lead to digestive problems. Also, there are some who claim that this substance has an aftertaste.

Xylitol is another sugar that can be great for your dental health. There is also some evidence that this ingredient is good for bone health. Therefore, it is not only a natural sweetener that tastes great, but you should probably use it simply for the health benefits. Still, do not over-consume it because it may also cause digestive problems when consumed in large quantities.

Sorbitol cannot be metabolized by oral bacteria. As a result, it will not contribute to oral decay. Sorbitol may not be recommended for those who have diabetes, but may be helpful for those who are developing diabetes because it has less of an impact on blood sugar levels. However, it may be illegal to purchase it in some countries, since it has been banned by the EU due to its laxative effects. 

Try Them All

If you are unsure about which sweetener to use, you should consider trying them all. While some may have digestive concerns or may have an aftertaste, they will not always have the same effect on everyone. Therefore, you may find an option that is perfect for you.