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Are You Establishing An Emergency Supply Of Necessities?

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You were probably stunned as you watched television presentations of real life situations during calamities like the hurricane Katrina. Watching the news might have given you nightmares. Or, it might have been a call to action. Perhaps you have decided that you want to be prepared for an emergency situation that might hit your town, or even just your family. From buying water containers for emergency situations to stocking up on canned foods, here are some ideas that might help you to feel peace of mind when it comes to being prepared for any emergency that might come your way.

Water Containers - Think about the most important thing you can have on hand during an emergency. Did you name water as the most important thing? After all, isn't water the one thing you can't live without? Think about buying water containers that you can keep in two places. Those two places would be your family car and any room you select right in your house. Think about buying enough emergency water containers for your family to have both drinking water and water for things like washing hands. Consider the water containers you'll buy to keep in your family car. Think about buying large containers for water, and then smaller water bottles for each of your family members that can be easily refilled. 

Emergency Food - Think of what your family already eats, and consider buying those foods for your emergency supply. Consider that you more than likely will use power, so things in your freezer and refrigerator will probably spoil pretty fast. However, canned goods like soups and fruit will last for a very long time. Does your family like peanut butter? If so, put peanut butter on your shopping list. Have you seen those nifty little food racks where cans of food roll out and the next can takes its place? Consider buying those for your pantry. By doing so, you'll see when you're running out of specific canned goods and you can replenish them, thus having them ready in case of an emergency situation. Think about buying canned goods that have an opener as part of the can's design. Or, at least make sure that you have a couple of reliable can openers where you can get to them easily. 

Think about buying a backpack for each family member. Fill it with necessities, including medications, and make sure each family member knows exactly where his or her backpack is at all times, just in case it needs to be grabbed when you have to leave your house immediately.

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