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Things To Know About Barbeque Rubs

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Are you a person who enjoys cooking? If so, you may enjoy outdoor cooking on the grill. There are numerous spices and marinades that many people use to grill or BBQ their food to prepare it for the grill. If you are an avid griller, you may have heard of barbeque rubs which can also be used. Some people do not realize that there is a difference between grilling and barbequing. The difference lies in the method that is being completed. Grilling involves a fast process for cooking at high temperatures, and barbeque involves a slow process at a lower temperature. The following points will help you to learn more about BBQ rubs.

Enhanced Appearance

Rubs are composed of a variety of spices, peppers, sugars, and salts. Some versions feature Pink Himalayan salt, and others may include traditional white salt. There are also specialty blends such as lemon pepper-based BBQ rubs. All of these variations in different combinations can result in an exquisite final product that will likely impress the pickiest eater as well as a professional chef. It is also worthy to note that dry rubs typically leave the finished product with a pleasant crust and beautiful color. When using a dry rub, you can serve the finished product with a dipping sauce of your choice. You may also want to use a wet rub as a dipping sauce for enhanced flavor.

Wet vs. Dry

Perhaps you are wondering whether you should use a wet or dry rub. This is a matter of preference. If you prefer saucier meat, then a liquid/wet rub is a good option. It is all a matter of how you prefer the finished product to appear. One thing to remember when using a wet rub is basting the meat. Another is reserving some of the rub to the side for use after the food is cooked to your preference.

If you have additional questions about using rubs, a barbeque rub supplier like Butcher BBQ is a good resource to use. They may have samples available for you to try and determine which rubs will best match your palate. The suppliers that do not offer samples may be able to match you with a rub that you and your family will enjoy based on a few questions. For example, if you prefer spicy food, it might be a good idea to purchase rubs that have peppers and other ingredients. Some people prefer a sweeter taste and will likely prefer a rub with more sugar or syrup such as maple syrup