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Prepare A Dessert Bar For Your Annual Business Meeting

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Cakes, pies, donuts, and a bevy of assorted mini desserts will tantalize your employees and co-workers taste buds and provide the perfect ending to your annual business meeting. Choose the assortment of treats that you would like to add to a dessert bar and the method in which the items will be displayed and served to your guests.

Select A Supplier And Order The Desserts

Select a food supplier that sells dessert items and that can accommodate the number of guests who will be attending the corporate event. A local supplier may prepare a standardized list of products and allow their customers to add custom creations to their orders. Review the list of products that are for sale and create a list of desserts that will satisfy people who enjoy sugary treats as well as those who may prefer items that aren't quite as sweet or that contain a sugar substitute.

Request to sample each product that you plan on adding to the dessert bar. Since some people may be watching their weight, add some dessert items that contain less fat and calories than some of the other sweet treats. If the corporate event is going to be a themed occasion, select a specific icing color that can be used to decorate cakes, cookies, tarts, and donuts, to tie the dessert bar display into the event's theme.

Many people may forego eating a large slice of cake or pie and prefer to fill their plates with some smaller items that are each unique in taste and texture. For this reason, order an array of smaller-sized dessert items that can be arranged on trays or large platters.

Add Some Extras

Use long tables to create a makeshift dessert bar. Use decorative cloths to cover the tables. If the dessert items are going to be picked up or delivered in advance, seek instructions on how to store the sweet treats. Fruit pieces, chocolate chips, small candies, sprinkles, whipped cream, and nuts can be used to decorate individual treats. Purchase the desired toppings and pour each one into a portion of a multi-sectioned serving tray.

On the day of the event, remove the desserts from the refrigerator and place them on top of the serving tables. Use index cards to create descriptions of the items and secure the cards along the front of each table.

Group low-calorie or sugar-free products together so that anyone who is watching their weight or is on a strict diet can locate dessert items that will be appropriate. If a lot of people will be attending the event and small groups of people will be sitting at separate tables, ask each table of guests to collect their desserts separately to prevent overcrowding the dessert bar.

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