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Ways To Make Your Gelato Pints Stand Out

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Selling gelato by the pint is a great way to bring in customers. So many people will enjoy buying the gelato with the option to take it home and enjoy it later. But how do you set your gelato apart from all of the other, mainstream brands that are sold in stores and are widely available? Well, there are a few things you can do.

Combine several flavors in one pint.

If you make your own gelato pints, then consider making some of them with two flavors combined in the same container. You can swirl them together, or you can put one flavor on one side, and a different flavor on the other side of the pint. Either approach works! Buyers will appreciate being able to try two different flavors for the price of one pint. Some winning combinations to try include:

  • Chocolate and mint
  • Raspberry and chocolate
  • Lemon and cherry
  • Vanilla and caramel

Add a topping.

Consider adding a topping to the top of your ice cream pint. For example, you could put some chocolate chips on top of your chocolate gelato pints. Or, you can drizzle some raspberry syrup over the top of your vanilla. If the pint containers you are using don't allow for this, a similar option is to sell a separate container of a topping with each pint. For example, you could attach a little packet of chocolate chips to each pint of chocolate gelato so that buyers can sprinkle them on by themselves.

Include two spoons.

Another option is to take two disposable spoons and attach them to the side of each gelato pint. Lots of companies sell their gelato pints with one spoon, but this can be limiting if you want to share your pint of gelato with someone special. With two spoons, customers have the option of sharing. Plenty of couples will buy a pint, take it to a park or somewhere else nearby, and indulge together. And of course, if someone buys a pint knowing that they will consume it all on their own, having an extra disposable spoon won't do them any harm. It might even come in handy if they drop the first one!

Selling pints of gelato is a great way to bring a smile to customers' faces. With the ideas above, your gelato pints will stand out from the crowd and become the talk of the town.

For more information, reach out to a gelato pint supplier.