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3 Things To Look For When Choosing A Snack Seasoning Supplier To Work With

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Whether you develop and sell your snacks directly to consumers, to retailers, or through entertainment venues, you need a reliable snack seasoning supplier to work with. Here are a few things to look for when deciding which supplier you want to work with long-term.

Customizable Blends

A variety of premade seasoning options may work for some of the snacks you sell, but if you want to create a specific flavor you will need access to custom seasoning blends that create the exact flavor profiles that you are going for. The supplier you work with should be able to blend up whatever specific seasonings you require and create a blend that is unique to your company alone.

While you could blend herbs and seasonings yourself, a supplier will do all the work of making sure that everything comes from a reliable source, that safety measures are maintained, and that all federal and state laws are met. Having your blends customized by a supplier can save you time and help ensure that you don't run into legal problems or face any safety concerns.

Organic and Non-GMO Options

Many customers are starting to look for organic and non-GMO options when buying food and snacks from companies. Therefore, it is a good idea to make sure that at least some of the seasonings you use are made with organic and non-GMO ingredients. This will help to ensure that you can meet the needs and expectations of all potential customers that come your way.

The snack seasoning supplier you decide to work with should offer products that are made entirely of organic and/or non-GMO ingredients, as well as those that are made partially with such ingredients. Of course, this is not to say that the company shouldn't offer seasonings without organic and non-GMO ingredients, but the options for these ingredients should be there so that you can utilize them as your customers demand them.

A Transparent Quality Assurance Process

All seasonings that you use on your snacks must go through a quality assurance process to ensure that all the ingredients are safe for human consumption and have not been compromised in any way. Almost all snack seasoning suppliers will take care of quality assurance for you, but they are not all equally transparent about the process.

Make sure to find out how the snack seasoning suppliers you consider working with handle quality assurance and how quality assurance reports will be shared with you. What is their protocol if a quality assurance report flags potential problems with an ingredient? The supplier you decide to hire should be able to provide you with a thorough guide that outlines how their quality assurance process works and how they oversee the process to ensure integrity. 

For more information on snack seasonings, contact a company near you.