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Having A Small Holiday Party Catered: 4 Tips

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During the busy holiday season, hosting even a small party can seem like a lot. Between the cooking and the cleaning, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. You want to be able to relax and enjoy the party, too, after all. There is an easy solution to this: have the party catered. Even if you're only having a few friends over, letting a caterer handle the food can take a big burden off your shoulders and leave you more time to socialize and mingle with guests. Here are a few tips that will help you out if you do decide to take this approach.

Make plans early

Catering businesses book up quickly during the holiday season. This is especially true of any catering companies that offer specialized holiday catering services and holiday menus. Don't wait until a week before to arrange for a caterer. Start looking for a company as soon as you know the date and time of the party.

Sample dishes

When you only have a small gathering of people, you don't want to order that many dishes. You want to choose a few things that most or every guest will enjoy. So, see if the caterer you're hiring offers sampling. You may be able to stop by their shop during certain hours and try samples of the key dishes on their holiday menu. In doing so, think not just about what you like — but what dishes your guests are most likely to enjoy.

Have it served

Catering companies often give you two options for small parties. They can drop off the food and let you serve yourselves, or they can send someone along to serve you. If possible, arrange to have the meal served. This way, you can continue relaxing and mingling through the meal. It also feels a little more "special", which is something you want around the holidays.

Ask for dessert recommendations

At a holiday celebration, you almost always want dessert. Not every catering company offers it, although it's common for caterers to include dessert in a pre-fixe holiday menu. If the menu you are served does not include dessert, ask the caterers to recommend somewhere local where you can purchase some. They may even recommend some desserts that pair best with your catered meal.

Having a small holiday party catered will open up so many doors for you. This will be a relaxing party since you don't need to cook!

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